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Security Solutions for Safer Schools and Businesses

Schedule ConsultationTop 5 Mistakes for Schools

Plan for the unexpected

Protect what matters most

Prepare for what could happen

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You should have confidence that you are prepared to protect what matters most

As a leader you have both the desire and responsibility to protect your staff and those you serve. The challenge is you may have limited time, expertise and resources to accomplish what needs to be done.

How do you prioritize?  What options will deliver impact?  How do you align a strategy with your culture and budget?

We are here to help

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    SEC training available on demand for your organization

SEC has partnered with thousands of leaders across the country to share comprehensive and executable strategies developed by our team of highly trained and experienced security experts.

Creating a safe school or business requires continuous planning and training

And this presents challenges….

  • Threats to safety are constantly changing & evolving

  • Reducing risk requires ongoing commitment including drills, plan refinement, and training

  • Many physical security features do not achieve desired impact due to poor implementation

  • Options for improving security are limitless and can seem complex

  • Turnover means maintaining a fully trained staff can be challenging

  • Most strategies ignore limitations including budget, culture, and operations

SEC’s mission is to align culture with budget to help you close the gaps and prevent bad things from happening to good people

Invest Wisely

Empower The Team

Act With Confidence

Invest in strategies and features that have a positive impact on safety and security

Empower and train your entire team to fulfill their protective responsibilities

Partnering with experts means you can trust the decisions you make will have a positive impact

The Steps To A Safer Environment

  • Step 1. Schedule a Consultation

    Tell us what you want to achieve and let us describe how we can help

  • Step 2. Partner with SEC to develop a custom strategy

    We provide services tailored to your needs and environment

    Step 2. Partner with SEC to develop a custom strategy

  • Step 3. Lead with confidence

    Know that you are better prepared to protect what matters most and SEC is here to support you

3 essential components for creating safer environments




Your consultant assesses your site and provides customized recommendations and strategies

We will assist your organization in developing a comprehensive and custom emergency preparedness plan

Your consultant provides training (in-person or remotely) tailored to your site and operations


Trust our experts

Our expert team has over 100 years of combined experience at the highest level of security and law enforcement. No team is more highly trained and no team is more experienced at providing custom safety and security solutions.

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Secure Education Consultants has been outstanding since we began our work with them in Fall 2019. They are professional and knowledgeable and have a clear understanding of the nuances of student safety. The security audits were extremely thorough and the findings and recommendations were personalized to each location. SEC has provided ongoing support to our district leadership, our Board of Education and our staff with customized professional development options, comprehensive planning tools and quality feedback on our next steps. We feel fortunate to have had the expertise of SEC as a guide for our planning and implementation.

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Deanna Barash
Assistant Supervisor,
West Bloomfield School District

To whom it may concern,

This letter serves as a recommendation for services provided by Secure Education Consultants (SEC). Acero Schools engaged in a partnership with SEC from May through August of 2018 to provide school based security assessments, consultation on current security practices, and provide Critical Incident Response training to all staff. Through the expertise of their highly trained consultant team, SEC provided Acero schools with a high level assessment of the safety of each of its campuses. Consultants spent between two to three hours visiting each facility and meeting with school leadership to discuss their individual safety concerns. School leadership had very positive feedback regarding their time with SEC and were grateful for the insight they provided. Consultants also took great care in listening to concerns as well as explaining security items to principals and other members of leadership. The Critical Incident Response training was a great method for empowering staff to feel they have some level of control in a crisis situation. Faculty and staff had positive feedback regarding the training and commented on the benefits this training had to offer. As a result of our engagement with SEC, Acero schools feels it is better informed and equipped with best practices to manage a crisis situation. Our school level employees feel empowered to take action in a crisis situation. One of the key takeaways from this engagement was that school level employees are our first responders in any given crisis. For us, the investment in their preparedness was well worth it.

Emilia Nichols,
Director of Operations
Acero Schools

We hired Jason and SEC to do a security assessment for our company -- this included two active shooter presentations (one at each of our Grand Rapids locations). After the presentation, Jason and the team shared their findings and recommendations to help us improve on any security vulnerabilities.

Jason's active shooter presentation was full of great content and advice that was easy to understand and left our teams feeling empowered to handle an active shooter situation in both the office or in public. Jason's presentation style is professional and knowledgeable, with just the right amount of humor to relax everyone around a sensitive subject.

The team was very thorough and professional -- we received great reviews from our employees about the experience. We highly recommend them to any organization!

Ron Alvesteffer
President & CEO,
Service Express