Michigan School Grant Update

You should have confidence that you are prepared to protect what matters most

As a leader you have both the desire and responsibility to protect your staff and those you serve. The challenge is you may have limited time, expertise and resources to accomplish what needs to be done.

How do you prioritize?  What options will deliver impact?  How do you align a strategy with your culture and budget?

Our Services

SEC has partnered with thousands of leaders across the country to share comprehensive and executable strategies developed by our team of highly trained and experienced security experts.

Emergency Response Planning

Site Assessment

Targeted Social Media Monitoring

Critical incident response training


The steps to a safer environment

Step 1. Schedule A Consultation

Tell us what you want to achieve and let us describe how we can help

We provide services tailored to your needs and environment

Step 2. Partner with SEC to develop a custom strategy

Step 3. Lead with confidence

Know that you are better prepared to protect what matters most and SEC is here to support you

Trust our experts

Our expert team has over 100 years of combined experience at the highest level of security and law enforcement. No team is more highly trained and no team is more experienced at providing custom safety and security solutions.

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