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What the Secret Service can Teach us about School Safety and Security

Physical security at schools has become one of the most talked-about elements in childhood education in recent years. With the tragic rise in high-profile school shootings, and the often underwhelming ability to keep students safe in an emergency, a national debate has unfolded around how we keep our nation’s children safe. As a former Secret […]

Making a Threat vs. Being a Threat

Secret Services professionals spend far more time preparing for threats than responding to them. They are vigilant about seeking out and mitigating potential threats before they rise to a level where they pose an actual danger to those around them. As such, they are always on alert for individuals who pose a threat. An individual […]

To Train or Not to Train

“Too traumatizing.” “Too intense.” “Too unlikely to be necessary.” As lockdown and active shooter trainings become more commonplace in schools, we hear pushback from some parents and communities. Are lockdown drills really necessary? Are options-based trainings where participants are taught to secure, escape and confront really necessary? At SEC, we believe both trainings are vital […]