Over the years, building design and construction has changed and adapted to keep up with advancements in technology, materials, engineering processes, and, to some extent, physical safety standards.   One area that has lagged behind however, and is in desperate need of change, is the full integration of security features designed to meet today’s real-world threats with customized emergency planning and building occupant training designed to take full advantage of those security features.  Without an emergency plan and – most critically, training and familiarity with the appropriate actions, the newest and most advanced safety features available become nothing more than expensive decorations.


SEC becomes an integral member of the design team assisting the client, architect, and construction management entities to ensure the proper decisions are made regarding safety and security features and design.

SEC assists the client by serving as the conduit thru which all safety and security related decisions are made, thus maximizing schedule and budgetary efficiency and inserting much needed, and unrivaled, expertise into the process.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

SEC also assists the client in developing emergency plans and protocols that match the client’s new or renovated facility, features, and capabilities.

This plan will include procedures for Evacuation, Shelter in Place, Lock Out, Lock Down and Reunification. SEC will include hazard specific protocols for over 20 different emergencies or critical incidents. SEC’s plans are completely custom and will exceed any requirements for planning based on State Law or Licensing.

Critical Incident Response Training

We offer a variety of emergency preparedness and critical incident response training programs and will customize a training solution that ensures that the often weakest links in security – people and policy – are two of the strongest.