As we’ve begun to roll out our new digital membership platform, eSEC, we’ve noticed that many of you have had questions about what eSEC is and how it can help you achieve your goals. So we’ve compiled some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help familiarize you with eSEC.

Q1: What are the key components that makeup eSEC?

A1: eSEC allows us to provide our clients with on-demand and contact-free access to our core in-person services to include Critical Incident Response Training, Emergency Plan Development, and Physical Site Assessments.

Q2: How would a virtual site assessment work?

A2: Working with a client representative, one of our highly experienced consultants will conduct an in-depth review and analysis of your school or child care facility during a virtual meeting. This review will not only focus on physical design features based on climate submitted photos, but also will also examine operating and emergency policies and procedures. After the assessment, our consultant will provide feedback specific to your facility on ways to close gaps and mitigate or neutralize any identified vulnerabilities. 


Q3: Critical Incident Response Training, what is it?

A3: Our Critical Incident Response Course is designed not only to provide detailed guidance relating to the most commonly utilized emergency response protocols, but it also provides effective strategies on how to overcome the barriers people commonly face, both physically and psychologically, during emergencies.


Q4: Do you get access to a security consultant even though it’s virtual?

A4: As an eSEC member, you will have the same 24/7 access to one of our experienced consultants to assist you in navigating any security concerns if they arise.


Q5: Is the material ever going to be updated?

A5: We will be continually updating the membership site with new content, to include additional online courses, to ensure we are providing our members with the most recent and relevant safety and security guidance available.


As always, we are here to help you uphold that protective responsibility that your team has. We want you to lead with confidence in knowing that your organization is safe and eSEC is here to guide you in achieving your security and safety goals.