John Skuletich

In addition to his work with SEC, John Skuletich is the Associate Director of Consulting Services for UnitedHealthcare Global Risk. In this capacity John provides security analysis, threat assessment, mitigation, policy development; contingency planning and training to fortune 500 companies, large international non-profit organizations and universities both here and abroad.

Prior to that John was as security consultant to numerous firms including:

  • US Safety and Security LLC; where he coordinated daily security processes for Mitt Romney for President Campaign
  • T & M Protections Resources LLC: where he provided executive protection and security procedures to business and financial leaders
  • Hardwire LLC; where he developed tactical utilizations of ballistic materials to be utilized in educational settings and conducted risk assessments and countermeasures for schools

From 2010 to 2012 John was the Vice President in the Office of Global Security for Goldman Sachs. There he directed security processes for the Goldman Sachs Washington, DC Office to include the executive protection of Goldman Sachs chief executives and critical infrastructure and facilities protection of Goldman Sachs offices.

Prior to that John was a distinguished member of the U S Secret Service for 25 years (1985 to 2010). He retired as the Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge – Rowley Training Center – where he directed the training in the Special Operations Training Section. In this capacity he coordinated tactical training including interior and exterior tactics, motorcade tactics, asymmetrical warfare training, firearms and weapons training for agents assigned to the Special Operations. He also developed and coordinated the HAZMAT and Medical Response training for the US Secret Service HAMMER and White House medical units.

Previous to that assignment John was the Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge – Vice Presidential Protective Division. There supervised agents that provided daily protection to the Vice President and managed operational security arrangements for the Vice President and his family. John also Supervised the Counter Surveillance Unit tasked with conducting vulnerability assessments of sites visited by the Vice President and providing surveillance, intelligence and countermeasure support to the Vice Presidential detail.

Other pertinent assignments in the Secret Service include the Presidential Protective Division and the Counter Assault Team.

John was born and raised in Butte, Montana. He graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Elementary Education. He taught school in Missoula, Montana for 7 years before moving on to the Secret Service. John is married with three children and a grandson. He resides in Annapolis, MD.