Ken Newman

Ken Newman is one of the first team members of Secure Education Consultants, LLC (SEC) and is responsible for Strategic Planning, Sales and Marketing, as well as corporate and customer development.

Ken comes to SEC with a very diverse background that fits perfectly into the corporate strategy and function at SEC. Newman started his career with the US Army where he served proudly and maintained many different roles and responsibilities. Those roles included Administrative Specialist, Infantryman, Jump Master, Drill Instructor, Team Leader, Squad leader, Training Coordinator and Security Team Commander. He is a combat veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm and possesses many military awards.

After serving his country, Ken went on to work with a Sales and Marketing organization and worked his way through different roles up to and including Assistant Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Ken was responsible for a team of sales leaders and representatives across the country as well as marketing strategies for the organization. He was awarded the corporate officer of the year award in 2006.

Newman then went on to become a police officer in North Carolina where once again he held numerous roles and responsibilities. He started as a Patrol Officer and went on to become a Tactical Narcotics Officer. Newman was then selected as a member of the department SWAT team and was also moved to a Special Investigator role where he investigated and conducted hundreds of violent crime investigations, high risk search warrants, undercover operations and large Narcotics investigations. In 2002 he was selected as Police Officer of the Year. He is trained in Active Shooter Response, Urban Warfare, Special Weapons and Tactics, Advanced Security Procedures and many other areas. He rounded out his career in Law Enforcement as a K-9 officer. He holds many awards in the law enforcement community.

Ken went back to the corporate world holding many executive and management positions within corporate America. He has trained and coached over 6000 leaders in his tenure. With the SEC team, Ken has been able to help train teachers and employees across the country on cutting edge security and preparation procedures only privileged to those at top levels of the US Secret Service.