Marc Connolly

Marc Connolly is a highly accomplished security and law enforcement professional. Connolly retired after 27 years at the US Secret Service. During his time with the Secret Service Connolly rose to the level of Deputy Assistant Director. Connolly’s last position at the Secret Service was Deputy Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protection Division. Connolly planned, directed, coordinated and implemented protective operations related to protection of the President of the United States. Connolly was instrumental in developing contingency plans and overseeing threat assessment as they related to Secret Service protectees. Connolly supervised a workforce of over 1,000 law enforcement officials with duties of protecting the White House. Connolly supervised the development and deployments of technological advances to advance the protection mission of the Secret Service.

Connolly served as the Deputy Assistant Director in the Office of Governmental and Public Affairs where he provided oversight and supervision to the Public Affairs Program, Capitol Hill and Interagency Liaison Division.

In addition to the above assignments Connolly served as the Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protection Division, Special Agent in Charge of the Office of Protective Research, Resident Agent in Charge of the Secret Service, Grand Rapids Resident Office and Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge of the Secret Service Rowley Training Center.

Connolly has directed and implemented security at the absolute highest level, and brings his commitment to security to Secure Education Consultants. Connolly began working at SEC following his retirement and serves as SEC’s Executive Vice President. Connolly directs all consultant operations and oversees SEC’s selection and training.

Connolly has three children in college and lives in Maryland with his wife and daughter.