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[icon_box  title=”Site Assessment” icon_type=”font” icon=”fa-check” animation=”bounceInUp”]
A consultant will inspect your site and provide a customized assessment of the location.
Every aspect of your site will be analyzed to determine potential vulnerabilities: access controls, cover and concealment, power and utility issues. A detailed Site Assessment is provided describing the strengths, weaknesses, and individual characteristics of your site.

[icon_box title=”Emergency Preparedness Planning” icon_type=”font” icon=”fa-clipboard” animation=”bounceInUp”]
Our consultant will assist your organization in developing an Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP). The EPP will include evacuation policies, lock down procedures, and other loss mitigation strategies.[/icon_box]

[icon_box title=”Critical Incident Response Training” icon_type=”font” icon=”fa-exclamation” animation=”bounceInUp”]
Our consultant will come to your place of business and train the staff on the particulars of their site and EPP. This includes hands on instruction of how to scenarios including active shooter, hostage situation, child abduction, bomb threats and other critical incidents.[/icon_box]