This exclusive online site is the hub for SEC members, complete with videos, action guides, and access to live online classes to supplement the Online Critical Incident Response Training. SEC hosts regular courses and keeps members up to date on the cutting edge of safety and security.

  • Comprehensive online trainings

    Learn the ins and outs of safety and security from the comfort of your desk and track your organizations’ progress.

  • Live courses

    Taught by SEC’s former Secret Service security experts, tune in to our series of live courses to interact with our consultants and understand the cutting edge of safety and security.

  • Exclusive content

    Created by our team of experts for all members, get access to step by step guides, safety and securty insights, and additional training materials.

  • Best-in-class safety and security

    SEC members benefit from peace of mind that their organizations and people are prepared for an emergency of any kind.

Why become a member?

SEC membership is a comprehensive learning platform to ensure your staff is prepared to respond to any emergency. Besides the immediate benefits for your facility and team, SEC membership gives peace of mind to students, staff and parents. Moreover, SEC membership is a powerful competitive value-added for your organization, paying for itself if it attracts a single new family to your school or childcare. 

Fully SEC certified organizations can use the online membership to recertify their schools, provide trainings to new staff or refresh existing team members. Membership lasts for a full calendar year and includes 24/7 security support from our experts, additional security materials, and an SEC membership badge for your website or marketing materials. 

Become A Member Today

Our no-hassle sign-up process will have you and your company up and running on the Membership Site in minutes. Select the number of staff you want to have access. 


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